“EGG” is a well of life.

Mankind has long enjoyed the benefits of eggs since the prehistoric days.

But, did you know that the shell of an egg is not just for protection?
Looking into it closely, there are numerous pores (holes) that allow respiration and temperature control of the chick inside, while blocking the microbial organisms from entering the shell.
It indeed has a delicate and functional structure.

…and…we discovered tremendous values in the shell of one of the most familiar food in our day-to-day lives in the form of an “unused resource”.
We succeeded in regenerating it into an unprecedented substance which we named, “Bio Apatite”This Bio Apatite derived from eggshells contains minerals from the shells and is very similar to those components of human bone and teeth, with a high level of biocompatibility, extremely kind to the human body.

We aspire to make the best use of the great benefits of eggs as the ultimate recyclable resource that “contribute in medical and other forms that support the lives of all mankind”.
Our challenge is to develop ourselves into a sustainable business that enables us to share these benefits globally.

We appreciate your warm support. We really need it.

Koichi Nakamura, CEO


BIOAPATITE Inc. develops, manufactures and sells a new biological material, “BioApatite”, derived from eggshells, an industrial waste, bringing a revolutionary impact on the life science industry players such as, among others, cosmetics, toiletry, chemical industries, as well as environmental device manufacturing and regenerative medicine industries. Bio Apatite differentiates itself from the mineral derived “hydroxyapatite” in terms of high biocompatibility and therefore, can be considered as one of the safest substances for the human body. The Company developed a proprietary synthetic method that deploys only calcium and phosphoric acid as its basic constituents, allowing low-cost mass production totally free of foreign materials and contaminants.


The Company intends to sell eggshell-derived Bio Apatite powder and its byproducts to the life science industry players such as, cosmetic, toiletry, chemical and filter manufacturers, and to license the use of its proprietary equipment and processing know-how to selected manufacturing partners capable of delivering “Bio Apatite inside” products addressed to a variety of market needs, while simultaneously focusing on the development of scaffold, which is indispensable in the regenerative medicine industry, with a highly profitable market opportunity.



Head Office
1-5-3, Shiromachi, Hikone-city, Shiga Pref. 522-0068, Japan
TEL: +81-749-47-5227 / FAX:+81-749-47-4557
Koichi Nakamura, CEO, Representative Director (Founder)
Yuki Sakai, Director, Engineering (Co-Founder)
Toshiya Nagashima, Director, Corporate Affairs
Nature of Business
Proprietary processing technology for manufacturing of pure “bioapatite” material/ingredient derived from eggshells for multiple high-end applications in areas such as chemical, cosmetic and clinical industries, as well as in future regenerative bio/clinical fields.
September 2017